About Us

As children, we tasted foods that burst with natural flavors and raw ingredients. From homemade jam made from fruits grown from our backyard, to various pasta sauces containing secret ingredients from recipes passed from generation to generation. The smell of sweet baked goods always brought comfort with a smile. Our grandma's kitchen was the central focus of these meals and it was always full of chatty aunts, chuckling uncles, and mischievous cousins. The food was made with love and love filled the air. Regardless of the space and time between our gatherings, we always united and caught up at grandma's table. Years later, with Mama Jo’s transition to heaven, we still meet often at her house, at her table, to enjoy the comforts and love that has connected us throughout the years…still tasting foods bursting with natural flavors, the homemade jam, sauces made from scratch, and the smell of sweet baked goods that bond us for a lifetime.

We now welcome you to our family table, to share this love with you, our family, our community.